About Us

SturdiGuns was started by the oldest son of 8 children in a family-oriented, Christian, homeschooled household. The SturdiGun's brand is one of quality and longevity. Built to be used to their fullest extent, each toy is machined with care and crafted with pride.

Each product is made of UV coated 9ply Baltic Birch plywood, then to further ensure they stand up to being outdoors, each SturdiGun is coated with a food grade mineral oil to ensure they last as long as possible. Each individual design goes through extensive stress testing and durability trials to ensure it's quality. We stand by our claim, if you ever have any issues with anything you buy from us, let us know and we will replace it free of charge!

Our History

SturdiGuns began as a project by Michael Griswold in his grandparent's basement and with the help of his grandfather, the original SturdiGuns were a handful of ply-wood guns crudely made with a jigsaw. The final results were given as Christmas presents to Michael's brothers and sisters. These first wooden guns were so well received that large scale manufacturing and distribution soon became a goal.

Because product quality has always been considered the most important factor The end goal must be a product that can withstand the harsh conditions presented by the outdoors and the rough treatment usually inflicted upon toys. To achieve a standard of quality in the SturdiGun product lines, we had to look beyond a jigsaw and a hand sander. The decision was made to acquire a used CNC machine, however there were none available at the time which caused major setbacks.

After two years of searching, researching and countless hours of help from Michael's parents Wayne and Susan Griswold, SturdiGuns purchased a pair of CNC machines. The next two years were split, the first year was spent on the designs and programming necessary for the manufacturing of SturdiGuns, with the help of Michael's brother, Josiah, the process was refined enough to began shipping large scale. The second year was dedicated to refining the process for manufacturing to bring us to what we have today.

During 2014, SturdiGuns experienced exponential growth in sales and name-brand recognition. Due to these increases, a decision to switch to a UV coated Baltic Birch was made in order to decrease the amount of time dedicated to sanding, up till this point every single gun had been manually hand sanded to create a smooth, splinter free surface that was kid safe. Halfway through the year, the warehouse that SturdiGuns was renting caught fire causing us to relocate. After two months, lots of cleaning and a new warehouse, everything was back to normal.