Use and Care

Sturdi products are built for durability and by following these basic use and care instructions, your SturdiGuns will last as long as possible! Because our items are made with real wood, they will occasionally get dented up or develop rough edges with play. In order to keep your purchase in top condition, if you find any rough edges just follow these few simple steps.


To deal with rough or sharp edges you should use a coarse grit sandpaper (80-120 grit) until the rough edges are smoother. This can be done by hand or with an orbital sander. You can then either use it now or use a finer grit sand paper to make your it progressively smoother.


After sanding, to ensure your Sturdi product is capable of being out in the weather, it's recommended you waterproof any parts that were sanded, to do this we use a mineral oil (or you can use baby-oil) applied with a brush or rag.


Your SturdiGuns products can be customized by using a variety of options including permanent makers, acrylic paints and spray paint. All of our new products come with a UV coating, many store-bought paints will stick to this surface as-is, however if you plan on painting the entire item, lightly sanding the surface is recommended to give the paint more to stick to.

We’d love to see pictures of how you’ve customized your SturdiGuns purchase, if you send us pictures of your art work, we will showcase it on-line!