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Introducing the SturdiGuns M-14: Where imagination meets adventure! Embark on epic backyard quests and daring living room escapades with this fantastic wooden toy rifle. The M-14 is designed to ignite the spark of creativity in young explorers while assuring parents of its top-notch quality.

With its detailed engravings and smooth, safe edges, the M-14 brings a touch of excitement to make-believe battles and heroic standoffs. Whether your little one is defending the realm from imaginary invaders or teaming up with friends to solve daring mysteries, this wooden masterpiece is their trusty companion.

Just like a real hero, the SturdiGuns M-14 stands the test of time, ready for adventure after adventure. So, let the imagination run wild as your child creates lasting memories with the M-14 – a toy that's as tough as it is thrilling!

Dimensions: 39x7x0.5

About SturdiGuns

Finally! The toys your kids have been waiting for are here! Unleash your child's imagination with the largest assortment of wooden toy rifles, pistols and swords available anywhere!



Built to Endure!

Something for Everyone!

Largest variety available anywhere!

As a family business we at SturdiGuns understand that no two kids are exactly the same. To solve this, we have the largest variety of wooden toy guns and swords available anywhere online! With over 35 individual models and more coming all the time, there's something for everyone!

Nearly Indestructible!

Extremely Durable

A huge advantage of SturdiGuns over the typical mass-produced, China-made toys sold everywhere today is our toys are built to last. Capable of enduring through an unbelievable amount of use, SturdiGuns easily outlasts most other toys without breaking a sweat What other toy can you run over with a truck without any adverse effects?

Built to Endure!

Using only top quality wood

Made with the quality 9ply 1/2" Baltic Birch, given rounded edges for comfort and child safety, carefully hand sanded to perfection with a light coating of mineral oil for maximum longevity and to make sure our products last through the use of even the roughest child!



Save money with the perfect gift! Instead of the typical toys people buy year after year to only have them broken shortly after buying them, SturdiGuns not only provide countless hours of play and fun, but are also built to last long enough to be used and enjoyed to the fullest.
Made in the USA

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